Saturday, August 28, 2010

sporal conning

As much as I hate to restate things, here's the saga so far:

Thursday, 7:00 AM- we leave from north st. petersburg on our sojourn to key largo. this takes just under 6 hours.

Thursday, 12:15 PM-we arrive. The dive shop and drydock are just as we left it all those months ago, not a thing has changed. The captain is still the serious but friendly man I met 2 years ago. The deckhands are new, but I like them, too.

Thursday, 3:00 PM-we're on the water. yo ho ho and a bottle of compressed air, and all that. we're acclimating ourselves to the restoration site, and the current isn't helping. it's to be expected, of course, but still, Odin could stand to lend a hand.

Thursday, around 5:00 PM-we feast. chinese food (in hindsight, not the best thing to eat before a night dive while working with delicate coral) is our muse. pretty straightforward.

after that, we go back out to watch the A. Cervicornis. nothing happens, as the tablets predicted.

Friday, Noon- we're on our way back to the drydock. same plan tonight, but during the day we're just diving on a couple reefs (the Benwood and French Reef) for gits & shiggles (and fish counts). nothing to report.

Friday, around 5:00- we get back for dinner, only to meet three new arrivals; Zach, Chrales and Jeff. I hadn't seen Charles in months, so that was cool. Jeff Dunbar and I hadn't hung out since the DC trip, so this was a glorious reunion, to be sussinct.

we proceed to follow the same plan as yesterday, except this time, we're met by the entire Nedimyer armada (and friends), and dive the Acropora site again. Jeff and I are dive buddies, and we try our hardest to will the corals to spawn.

Saturday, 12:20 PM (now)-turns out Dr. P is down with some sort of sickness, and the weather seems to be taking a turn for the worse. clearly Odin is testing me for weakness, and I will not disappoint him. today we sail for the nedimyer nursery.

Until my next contact,
Matthew "Frenchman" Mostrom

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