Sunday, August 9, 2009

No spawn at our Rincon PR last night but trying again tonight

Last year we got a massive spawn in Rincon three nights after the full moon of (Aug 19 to be exact) which we had not realy expected but luckily were ready for it. This was later in the calendar year than this year. Minor spawning observations have been reported this year by others in Curacao and Florida Keys (except for massive at Horseshoe Reef in Key Largo which does not surprise me because it always seemed to go off earlier than other reefs). Spawning in A palmata has been observed as late as 7 to 8 days after the full moon in previous years and as early as 2 days after the full moon (e.g. July 31 in 1996). Thus the later we get after the full moon the higher the probability there will be spawning, up to a point. A good number of years we have failed to observe spawning in A palmata in spite of our best efforts to be out there (e.g. 1994, 2000 and others). This may have been because beginning day 5 or 6 we used to switch our attention to Montastraea spawn which is more predicatbel, and the A palmata likely spawned later in the cycle those years, or maybe not at all. While some populations (like Horseshoe seem to be like Old Faithful, others seem flakey and maybe do not spawn every year. This is something that bears morfe attention.

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