Friday, August 14, 2009

SCUBAnauts - 8/10/09

Hi it's Marcos again. Today we quickly ate breakfast with the hopes of getting out early to dive The Eagle. Unfortunately when we got there the dive was called because the current was way to strong. Instead we headed over to Crocker Reef, where we did an amazing 70 foot dive. Many of us got to see a sea turtle swim by. After that we decided to go to Davis' Ledge to snorkel. At night we decided that we should monitor the coral one last time, but this time, we headed over to a different location called Sand Island. At night the Acropora palmata spawned for us a third night in a row, and we were there to collect the gametes. We were speechless at the fact that we had seen the coral spawn even once, but three times was unbelievable. There was only Acropora palmata at this site, and it spawned at about 10:40 PM.

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