Monday, August 10, 2009

SCUBAnauts - 8/9/09

Hey it's Marcos once again from the SCUBAnauts. Today we did two morning dives at Aquarius, a one-of-a-kind underwater marine lab. Our first dive we hit around 60 feet, and our second dive we stayed at about 50 feet. There were some of the biggest fish in all of the Keys swimming around and underneath Aquarius, including two huge Tarpon, and three large Goliath Groupers. We received a call from NOAA earlier in the day saying that the coral might spawn again tonight, so we gathered a group of 11 kids to do more night dives. The current at our site was less then the nights before, and the visibility was pretty good, so the dives were very enjoyable. The coral ended up spawning again at around 10:30. We collected the gametes, and had them transfered to a neaby NOAA boat.

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